This page features details on large, ongoing, or planned photographic projects I have undertaken, or intend to undertake. Clicking on the section headers will take you to the relevant page for each project, containing a chronological list of links to all related posts. Projects are also accessible directly from the menu bar.

Cambodia, 2013-2014

With a collective 135 photographs spread across ten blog posts, this series covers my holiday trip to Cambodia, from December 2013 to January 2014. The series has a broad subject matter, from bustling street scenes to idyllic temples. Capping the ends of the series are posts discussing my equipment choices (and their consequences) and Cambodia as a country.

Shot Wide Open

This project entails restricting myself to shooting fixed focal length lenses at their maximum aperture. Each three to seven day period I work on the project, I will be limited to one maximum aperture, and whichever lenses bear that maximum aperture. Challenges to be overcome include exposure control, depth-of-field control, lens performance and composition. The project will cover my entire fixed focal length lens collection, and whatever subject matter I stumble across in the process.


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