Happy Holidays

Dear readers,

I’m a day late doing this, but I’d like to wish you all a happy holiday season, and I hope that you all enjoy the last week of 2016. I would also like to take the opportunity to thank you for your readership throughout the year. I know that I haven’t posted as much as much as I should have done, but I hope that you have found the posts enjoyable in some way.

No matter what happens in the world – there’s a lot happening right now – bear in mind that this is a season focused on kindness, humility, and togetherness. Be kind to one another; celebrate the achievements of others over those of yourself; and foster strong community ties to celebrate success as a group, and support one another through times of adversity. Make the most of technology, too, to bring together those of you who might be between difference cities, or even different countries.

Finally, I’d like to acknowledge those who were unable to spend the day with their families through their service, be they the emergency services, medical professionals, or the military. Your personal sacrifices to continue to serve others embody the spirit of the season; your service is much appreciated throughout the year, but especially so at this time of the year.

Best wishes for the holidays,



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