Upcoming Posts

After a reasonably lengthy break, I’m back to regular updates, but on a fortnightly basis. Hopefully, having more time to develop content should result in better quality posts – we shall see, though. In the meantime, I thought I’d share the highlights of what I’ve got planned for the next few months:

  • Considerably more wildlife photos (and a quick look at the equipment I’ve somewhat haphazardly assembled to take them);
  • A couple of equipment reviews;
  • Some more macro work, including a lot with flash;
  • Perhaps some video; given past experience, that’s not likely to go terribly well, though; and,
  • Potentially a couple of posts related to microbiology – I figure that I’ve mentioned it often enough on here to warrant something substantive.

In summary, things will be much the same as they were before, but with longer intervals between posts, possibly some new types of content, and hopefully (for the sake of all of us) much higher quality across the board.


2 thoughts on “Upcoming Posts”

  1. I think your wildlife photos will be good-looking. Long time to hearing from you. Send my word to Grandma and Grandpa. Good luck for everyone.

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