This week, I received notification that, from September 1st, I will be commencing full time PhD study in medical microbiology. Although that is a fortnight away, I have a considerable amount of reading and planning to complete by the time I start. Combined with lab work¬†and¬†teaching commitments, I feel that I am going to be too busy to devote as much time to this blog as I’d like without negatively impacting my academic performance. As such, I have decided that I will not be making any posts until November. At that point, posts will resume on a fortnightly or monthly basis, dependent on workload; I believe that weekly posts would either be of compromised quality, or impact too heavily on academic commitments which I feel are more important at this stage. I wholly acknowledge that I’ve done this often in the recent past and sometimes without warning or explanation. However, this time, it’s going to be a permanent change. In the interests of honesty, and the hope that it may help someone else, I’ll be exploring my reasons in full later this year.

Thank for for reading, and hopefully for understanding. Above all, thank you for contributing to the growing popularity of this blog, which has made all the effort over the past three years worthwhile.