Return to Regular Posting Schedule

The purpose of this administrative post is to state that I will be returning to weekly posts on the 8th of March. To compensate for the lack of a substantive post tonight, next Sunday I will be making two posts: a photo post as part of my “Shot Wide Open” project, and an equipment post looking at one of the lenses in my collection. To complete the return to the weekly “Photos”, “Equipment” and “Musings” rotation, my post on the 15th of March will be discussing my photographic goals for this year (and by extension, the next few years).

From this point onward, my photo posts will be focused on finishing my “Shot Wide Open” project. Equipment posts will be focused on interchangeable lenses in my collection, as well as briefly profiling and reviewing new additions to my collection. At this stage, I know that my musing posts will include a post on my transition to Microsoft Windows 8.1 and Capture One Pro 8. I am refraining from publishing my thoughts on this computer system change for a few months, so that I have had a sufficient amount of time to assess the merits and demerits of the change fairly. Until that time, I will likely explore my personal favourites of the photos I took in 2014 (and the reasons why they’re my favourites), in addition to some thoughts on photography related themes (which I have yet to conjure up). In the event that I run out of opinions on photography (admittedly, that’s an unlikely occurrence), I will skip musing posts in favour of photo posts or equipment posts.

In summary: weekly posts are returning in seven days on the same schedule and category roster as last year. I have some clue as to what the contents of these posts will be, though I have yet to write a firm posting schedule for the year.


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