Late Season’s Greetings, Amongst Other Things

Dear Reader,

A very belated “Merry Christmas,” and a slightly late “Happy New Year”!

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all the likes, views and comments over the the course of the past year; they’ve been heartening to receive, and a great incentive to further improve my photographic skills and understanding, as well as the quality of my posts.

By way of a brief technical update:

  • I am now processing all my photos through Capture One Pro 8 in Windows 8.1, except for grayscale film scans, which are initially processed in Retouch Pilot Lite.
  • I will be dual platform until I submit my thesis in March; Windows has assumed the role of my day-to-day computing, and will become my sole OS from the point at which my thesis is accepted.
  • The monitors I use for editing have been calibrated with a Colormunki Smile, and will be regularly re-calibrated.
  • Dust removal and image masking are now being performed with a drawing tablet for more accuracy.
  • The PEN E-P5 is already in use, though currently without a screen protector (it snagged while putting the camera in a bag).
  • I’m still working on the desk I started in August…

I’ve ticked off most of my to-do list a lot sooner than anticipated. To make sure the rest of it goes through just as seamlessly, I’ll be persevering with fortnightly posts until March.




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