Blogging Break: the Update

This was meant to be a relatively short chapter...
Of the ten or eleven planned chapters, this one was meant to have been relatively short…

Well, I said I’d be back in December. Sadly, I won’t be back as often as I’d intended: lab work continues, and I’ve only managed to write a small portion of my thesis (see the picture above). Happily, amongst the chaos, some photography managed to fit in along the way. Sadly, that chaos is about to intensify…

  • Due to Apple’s discontinuation of support for Aperture 3, I’m transitioning to CaptureOne Pro 8 in a couple of weeks. The file transfer will take a few days, and the learning curve a few months.
  • I have to transition from iWork to Office for work reasons; this will probably take as long as Aperture to CaptureOne.
  • The transition away from Aperture and iWork coincides with a hardware upgrade and change of operating system to Windows; I haven’t used this full time for nine years (yet another learning curve), and the hardware transition won’t be complete until early March, 2015.
  • The platform change means changing half of my graphing software.
  • The Pen Mini E-PM1 is being sold to make way for a PEN E-P5; it will take a couple of months to get it fitted out and set up for my purposes.
  • I’m still building the desk and wardrobe that I started building in August…

At this stage, for my sanity’s sake, I am committing to photo-only posts on a fortnightly basis (starting later tonight), drawing from the pool of photos I somehow managed to take over the past two months. Weekly posts should (theoretically) resume around the first of March, 2015, but that will most probably change. Again, I am most grateful for, and appreciative of, your understanding for my pared back blogging schedule.


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