The Year Ahead


This is meant to be a quick post, especially aimed at those of you who visit on a semi-frequent basis, to outline a few changes I’ve resolved to make to the blog this year.

Envisaged Changes to the Blog as a Whole

When I avail myself of the time, I will be overhauling the layout of the blog as a whole. This is intended to result in a cleaner looking, more informative and user-friendly interface for readers. While I am unsure of the exact changes to be made at this stage, they adhere roughly to the following aspects:

  • Home page layout
  • Posting schedule: I will plan ahead to avoid having to take protracted breaks when other work amasses, and do my best to stick to one post every Sunday*
  • Contact and biographical details
  • Addition of pages to cover equipment (past and present, with links to any related posts) and large, ongoing or planned projects (such as the Cambodia-based series of ten posts).

There may be more changes in addition to that if I find any glaring omissions from my little corner of the internet.

*Due to reasons based on logistics and predicted levels of fatigue, I will be making one post under Photos and another one under Musings on January 19th. Excepting administrative posts such as this, January 19th should be the only time two posts are made on the same day, let alone less than one week apart.

Envisaged Changes to Individual Posts

The aim of these changes is simple: to improve the presentation and content of blog posts, to make them easier, nicer, and more interesting to read. Basic changes to posts will be as follows:

  • Use of subtitles in all posts (it’s easier for you to read, and easier for me to write)
  • Stronger differentiation of content to fall within subtitled sections for rapid reference and more logical, flowing reading
  • Centralisation of bolded subtitles to make them easier to differentiate from body text
  • Clearer demarcation between technical details and descriptive details in picture captions
  • More rigorous proofreading, to prevent omissions and writing errors within posts.

As of today, these changes will be implemented in all new posts. Additionally, due to the size of the posts (especially the volume of photos) in my ten Cambodia-based posts, I will be retrospectively applying these changes to my Cambodia-based posts. This will occur sometime within the next 14 days, as I re-upload higher quality versions of all the photos within those posts.

The Overall Impact

All going to plan, I should have all proposed changes (and possibly more besides) implemented by the end of March. The blog will be easier to navigate and read as a result, while I should be easier to get in touch with.

If you have any suggestions for further changes worth making, or any comments on my proposed changes, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. Constructive feedback is always a welcome thing.


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