The next few months

Ramblings on the past six weeks

Before I get into explaining the next few months, I feel obliged to validate my protracted absence.

Academically speaking, the six week blogging break worked: I came second for my project presentation; successfully wrote a 96-page progress report, made four copies of it, bound them and submitted them; got a fairly nice grade for an oral exam; and left a written exam without feeling abjectly defeated. There was a real low towards the end of the six weeks, though, as my dog passed away. We had ten years of happy memories with him, for which I’m eternally grateful.

So, between reaching academic goals, and dealing with grief, I packed a lot (willingly and otherwise) into six weeks.

The next few months

Having attempted to justify a six week absence, I shall now attempt to justify the next few months, where things go from tediously organised to abysmally disarrayed…

I’d planned a spring photo post for the end of next month, but as I’m three weeks ahead of my blogging plan, I’ve decided to expand that single post into four consecutive posts. The original post was meant to be sandwiched between two equipment posts. However, since the spring post is now going to cover four consecutive posts, the equipment posts will occupy the two consecutive posts immediately after the four spring posts. I’m laying this out clearly now for a reason: I have to settle back into full-time research, and orally defend the progress of my research in early November. It’s a safer option for me to do relatively easy photos posts until I settle back in and get my last assessment of the year out of the way.

After those six weeks, I’m hoping to have a weekend out of town to visit places I haven’t been in a few years, and try out a new lens (which will be joining my collection in November). This will culminate in a single photo post. The week after, I will post the equipment I’ve selected to take to Cambodia, along with reasons I selected each particular item. That brings me to the end of the tediously organised part of my blogging plan. Now comes the organisational circus act…

The major issue with the Cambodia trip is that I won’t know when I will have (reliable) internet access, as the holiday plan (which someone else made) is vague. As a result of this, my Sunday blogging habits may have to be discarded while I’m there. Also, given the sheer volume of photos I will be taking, there will be four weeks of photo posts, with the possibility of multiple posts each week, or long posts, depending on the internet situation. Fortunately, I’m only being wilfully disorganised for those four weeks in Cambodia.

Upon my return, the first week will feature two posts: one rounding off the trip (photo post), the other looking at how well my equipment selections went in the field (musing post, highly probable there won’t be any photos in it). The week after will be dedicated to a follow-up of my ExpertShield screen protector review, looking at how well it survived Cambodia, and whether my initial thoughts have held true or not.


The next eight weeks will be as described in the hidden message above*, followed by four weeks of unknowns, a week with a double post, and finally, a week resembling a normal week on this blog.

*Disclaimer: there is no hidden message, and there definitely isn’t a prize of any description.


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